Welcome to Capitalism.

Thirty-three days to go until our next European tour.

The last time we went to Europe, one of our cameras broke. When we pulled it out of baggage, we noticed the glass over the LCD screen on the back was cracked. It didn’t affect functionality, so it wasn’t a horrible thing. I’ve replaced that camera, and I’ve learned my lesson well: I bought a Pelican Box for it to travel and live in.

Replacing the camera was very annoying in that the Internet wanted to sell me a Canon. I have nothing against Canon cameras, but I already have a set of lenses for the Pentax, and I didn’t want to spend gobs of money on lenses.

“No! You must buy a Canon!” the Internet said.

I’m serious about this. I typed, “Pentax Cameras on sale” into Google, and it responded by directing me to Canon retailers.

“Give me a list of Pentax retailers, you little twit!” I told Google.

“No! If you buy a Pentax, I’ll be a failure!” it whined.

Even when I gave up and went to Amazon to shop (it’s a good place to find non-Amazon retailers), Amazon responded with several ads for Canon.

Dear Canon Cameras — You make a fine product, but your intrusive ads are very annoying. I’m putting you on my ‘Do Not Patronize’ list. At least until Pentax pulls the same shit.