Memory and Metaphor at Amazon February 1

I started this project in 2013, writing the first 15 thousand words in a fever during a long weekend. We all know what happened after that, right? Yeah, it progressed slowly, a couple thousand words at a time for two years.

I presented it at a Writers’ Clinic at BayCon in 2015, and the critics were generally impressed. Enough so that I was encouraged to press on and finish it. One of the panelists gave me the calling card for her agent saying, “She’s looking for a good space opera.”

Turns out she wasn’t. Or, at least, wasn’t looking for my space opera.

After putting the final touches on the book in the fall of 2015, I spent the next two years trying to find an agent. To no avail. Literary agents, it would seem, are much more difficult to impress than panelists at the BayCon Writers’ Clinic.

The project languished in my hard drive, all but forgotten.

Then there was WorldCon in San Jose, California. I was feeling pretty good about myself for reasons unrelated to writing. I had lost 30 pounds on a new diet, made some new, very cool friends in the Royal Manticoran Navy, and it was a gorgeous day in the South Bay. I wandered around the vendors’ area, purchased a few books for future reading, and admired the crafts of some very imaginative and creative people.

And stumbled upon the booth of Paper Angel Press. I don’t remember, at this late date, who it was crewing the booth, but she mentioned that they were looking for new writers.

Hmm. Maybe?

I took their business card, and when I got back home I dusted off the digital manuscript. Made some changes, and submitted the first 10 thousand words.

Then forgot about it. I went back to daily life, lost more weight, and considered ideas for a new writing project.

The publisher, Steven Radecki, sent me an email two months later. He wanted to see the rest of the manuscript!

So, here we are. Five months later, and the book will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble (, and Lulu on February 1.

Where do we go from there? A sequel, obviously.

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